Psycho-Educational Assessments

Psycho-Educational assessments can be conducted on an individual at any age. These assessments consist of an initial interview, 4-6 hours of testing, a comprehensive report completion by the assessor, and a conclusive interview with the individual and/or their family.

Psycho-Educational assessments can detect the following:

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Giftedness


  • Executive Function Issues

  • Cognitive Challenges

  • Depression/ Anxiety

After the final comprehensive report has been created, a copy will be provided for the individual’s parents and school so that an Individual Education Plan can be created. Inside the final report, coping skills will also be provided to help the individual through day to day challenges surrounding their disability.


Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments

A psychological/neuropsychological assessment is a series of tests that help the psychologist gather a diagnosis for an individual’s behavior, personality and capabilities.

Assessments can be conducted for multiple reasons, including:

  • determining if long term disability leave should be issued

  • assessing damage to an individual following an motor vehicle accident

  • psychological assessments in court cases (if required)


My husband and I were extremely impressed with Dr. Garcia’s thorough assessment and the attention to detail that was shown in the final report.

“We brought our 8-year-old son to have a psycho-educational assessment completed by Dr. Garcia after receiving an autism diagnosis from another assessor, and to determine if he had any developmental or learning challenges.  Because of this assessment, our son now has a very detailed IEP in place. ”

— S.R.

Ultimately, it was Capital Psychological’s assessment that helped to rebuild my child's self-esteem, strengthening the personal foundation she needed to be herself and re-establishing her desire to pursue her goals.

“They took care to ensure my daughter was comfortable and understood each stage of the testing process. She was placed into a safe and comfortable environment immediately, and felt at ease with the situation quickly. My daughter’s assessment was an integral part of her success both in and out of school. The results were almost immediate. Not only was the assessment key to my daughter being allowed access to the supports she needed in school, but it also provided her with a better understanding herself. She became more confident after this; advocating for her own needs and truly appreciating her right to have those needs met. She no longer depended upon false supports, but instead, sought out and accessed exactly the right supports that she needed to succeed at any task. ”

— J.F.


Immensely impressed with the testing process throughout the entire experience!

"My wife and I were referred to Dr. Garcia’s services to have a Psycho-Educational assessment performed on our 10-year-old daughter. The organization within each session was brilliant. Since having our daughter assessed, we have seen a complete turnaround in her performance at school.”

— D.H.