“It is amazing to see the difference in my child..”

"I would definitely recommend having a child assessed at Capital Psychological. We had many conversations with our daughter’s educators and knew in our gut that she learned differently. She is a very smart little girl, however, on paper when she was asked to produce a writing piece we didn't see the same results. Being a teacher myself, I had read over many many reports from psychologists and the ones I read from Dr. Garcia always stuck out. They are always very well written and specific to the child. It is not just a cut and paste, not a blanket statement. The recommendations she made were bang on and practical. When we decided to have our daughter assessed on her type of learning, this was the obvious choice.

We were incredibly impressed with the whole process. They worked based on our daughter’s ability, some of the sessions were an hour, some were an hour and a half, Sarah let her decide and be the guide. Our daughter was always so excited to go, this made it so easy. Once it was over, we were so impressed with the debriefing session. We were able to see the whole picture of how our daughter learns and Dr. Garcia specifically focus on her abilities, we were looking at her from an asset model not a deficit. It allowed us to see what we can do to help her, just because she does not learn the 'average' way, did not mean she was not smart. We were able to find ways and accommodations that work for her so she had success.

My daughter feels smart! I can't ask for anything more. She knows how to ask for help and knows that just because she learns differently doesn't make her any less of a person. Her confidence has grown significantly. I was worried, like many parents, that my child may become labelled. Now I realize that she was going to be labelled as slow or weak because she was struggling. She is no longer struggling, I am working with the teachers to find out what she needs to be successful. It is amazing to see the difference in my child. She has her sparkle back and she loves school once again. I am so thankful we took on this adventure. It is the best thing we could have done for our child. We are their advocates and I wanted her to know we believed in her abilities!!!"

— M.B.

“We were very impressed with the testing process. The testing was incredibly professional and well organized”

“I had received Dr Garcia's name as a recommendation from a friend, and had also often seen her name come up on various Facebook groups when people asked for recommendations of who to see. Notably, her name was commonly referred in a parenting gifted kids forum I frequent.

We were very impressed with the testing process. The testing was incredibly professional and well organized. Dr. Garcia and Sarah addressed all my questions. They also allowed me to prepare Daniel well for what he would be doing; the testing was very child-friendly. I also appreciated that deadlines and deliverable were met as promised, and it was very easy for me to get in touch with the office for any questions (with prompt response).

The effects of having our son tested have been life changing- for more information on just how different things are, you can read the article I wrote on the Huffington Post. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Garcia if you are thinking about having your child tested.”

-Jessica Sultan

“They took care to ensure my daughter was comfortable and understood each stage of the testing process.”

"I have been a client of Capital Psychological for many years. I have accessed their services for my children and for myself, and in all circumstances, I was the better for it. My 17-year-old daughter had received a previous assessment at another office that was both incomplete and outdated, so we needed an effective and comprehensive evaluation for her post-secondary school. As a client of Capital Psychological, I was already aware of their abilities and knew they would be able to perform thorough and highly accurate assessment.
I was completely impressed; the assessment process was smooth and efficient. They took care to ensure my daughter was comfortable and understood each stage of the testing process. She was placed into a safe and comfortable environment immediately, and felt at ease with the situation quickly.

My daughter’s assessment was an integral part of her success both in and out of school. The results were almost immediate. Not only was the assessment key to my daughter being allowed access to the supports she needed in school, but it also provided her with a better understanding herself. She became more confident after this; advocating for her own needs and truly appreciating her right to have those needs met. She no longer depended upon false supports, but instead, sought out and accessed exactly the right supports that she needed to succeed at any task. Ultimately, it was Capital Psychological’s assessment that helped to rebuild my child's self-esteem, strengthening the personal foundation she needed to be herself and re-establishing her desire to pursue her goals.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend anyone bring their child in to Capital Psychological to have them child assessed. To this day, I cannot thank Dr. Garcia, Dr. Schmidt, Janet Theobold or Brenda Weaver enough for their kind, supportive and truly skilled approach to caring for me and my loved ones when we were struggling."

— J.F.

“immensely impressed with the testing process throughout the entire experience..”

"My wife and I were referred to Dr. Garcia’s services to have a Psycho-Educational assessment performed on our 10-year-old daughter. We were immensely impressed with the testing process throughout the entire experience- the organization within each session was brilliant. Since having our daughter assessed, we have seen a complete turnaround in her performance at school. We would definitely recommend Dr. Garcia to a friend or family member who is thinking about having their child assessed. "

— D.H.

Very professional, explained the process well, no hidden fees, no surprises.”

Dr. Garcia assessed our daughter for ADHD and her final report was well documented with recommendations. Her staff, namely Brenda was very warm and welcoming too. Our daughter really enjoyed the assessment process and I have already recommended Dr. Garcia to friends. 

— J.L.